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some exciting information!

this may be helpful for some of you. about 3 months ago, I began working at a wheat-free bakery and learned all kinds of information about wheat gluten intolerance, including the fact that some cases of alopecia may be caused by it! I also exhibit most of the symptoms of wheat gluten intolerance (being overweight and always feeling exhausted to name the most obvious and frustrating), so I decided to see if cutting out wheat from my diet would make me feel any better. within 2 weeks, I had amazing amounts of energy and had dropped 1 pants size! then I started noticing the most exciting thing.. for the first time in 4 years, I have hair growing on my head!! true, most of it is no more than white fuzz, but there are a few distinct patches of real, dark hair coming in! the patches in my eyelashes are completely filled in and I have about 4 eyebrow hairs that are almost fully grown. the rest of my body hair has been growing in steadily too, though I'm a little less excited about that, ha. at first I thought I was the only one noticing, but now all my friends, family and co-workers have started commenting on it, so I know it's more than wishful thinking. I have no idea how or if it will continue to grow, but I'm very excited to find out! I know this won't necessarily be true for any of the rest of you, but it may be worth it to try adjusting your diet or asking your doctor for a wheat gluten intolerance test!

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(I got my celiac diagnosis in February of this year. I haven't noticed new hair growth, but I did experience some weight loss. :) I may see if the extended gluten free diet helps the hair any.)

I have some bits of evidence indicating that my alopecia areata and psoriasis outbreaks are probably linked to some kind of allergic reaction.. either to a prevalent foodstuff or something environmental. "Stress" just doesn't cut it as a trigger as far as I can tell. Every doctor has talked to me about stress, but honestly I know my life is just not that "Type A"! I haven't really tested my theories out to any extent but your post REALLY makes me wonder. Thank you for sharing this!