DavidB327 (davidbr1) wrote in alopecia_heads,

Gail Porter

I recently came across this interview with Gail Porter.  Of course I am ‘bald by choice’ (I hate that term, but it seems to be accepted so I will reluctantly use it), but I have been through my own ‘life changing’ experience, so I can well understand the trauma that Gail has been through.




She may be putting on a brave face for the camera, but to me she looked amazingly positive, and comfortable with the way she looks now.  I loved the comment ‘People have forgotten I was blonde’.  This is in stark contrast to when she first revealed that she had alopecia, which was when she attended a music award ceremony with a pink Mohican.  Then she looked pretty miserable.


I’m not sure if she appears bald in her role as a TV presenter, rather than being interviewed.  If so then that would be very positive.

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