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lucie caboosie


I've had AA bad for about a year now (I believe I had it before but it was just one or two spots at a time that would grow back, but I didn't notice too much) - 1/2 - 2/3 of my hair is gone.

I've been on clobetasol through a clinical trial at duke for about 6 months and have awesome regrowth in my original spots, but it keeps spreading and just this weekend I've noticed three new spots. luckily, I had super thick insane hair before, and most of my loss is underneath, so you can't tell if I wear my hair down. but my new spots are creeping up to my part and I'm having to do like a combover thing - it's getting annoying.

anyways, I am getting married in october and was going to wait until after then to do this but since I found new spots, I'm going to be stressed out so I'm sure they'll spread (we're fairly certain that stress flares up my AA - when I lost most of it I moved to a new state to get a new job, which was stressful at first, and my SO couldn't find a job at first - STRESS :) and after seeing recent pictures of myself, I am definitely not happy with how my hair looks (although everyone says they can't tell - I can right?).  and we're paying $600 for a freaking photographer so I figure I better be happy with it since I'll be stuck with these photos for the rest of my life.

so I figured I'd cut off my hair and donate it to locks of love so it'll go to use instead of going down the drain and buy myself a wig. but

1) does anyone know of any organization that will accept bleached hair? LOL won't.  preferably one that deals with AA? I had highlights done back in june and they haven't fully grown out yet, though I have dyed over them.

2) where is the best place to get a human hair wig? I looked in some wig communities on LJ but it seems like most of them were about dreds. while I myself don't mind doing something funky with my hair, my job requires me to work with clients that are highly religious and I can't stand to jeopardize that because of my hair. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars, but I would like something decent that looks like the hair I have now (just more of it).

here is a recent dorky picture of me.

thanks in advance :)
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